Hello and welcome to our January 8, 2024, update! We hope you had a fantastic holiday break and are all set for a successful year ahead.

Exciting news – we’ve rolled out some new features that could put more money in your pocket! Let’s jump right in and check them out:

Discover the convenience of Geelus Pay – now available EVERYWHERE!

Whether you’re already familiar with Geelus Pay or just hearing about it, we’re thrilled to announce its expanded support across all aspects of Geelus, including online payments.

Take advantage of Geelus Pay’s low fees for online transactions and potentially save thousands each year.

  • Online and Ecommerce Payments: Now, experience the ease of sending invoices and receiving payments through a single system. Fast, secure, and reliable, with low fees and next-day settlement.
  • Save Card Feature: Saving credit cards is now at your fingertips! Click “Save Card” during payment, and your customer’s credit card details will be securely stored for future transactions. This feature is also available for appointments and pickup/delivery.
  • Batch Actions for Invoices: Streamline your workflow by paying multiple invoices at once. With Geelus Pay, simply select it on the pay page and process payments through the terminal or manual card entry.
  • Bulk Invoice Payments: Handling bulk invoices is now a breeze with Geelus Pay. Efficiently manage and settle multiple invoices, making your payment process even more straightforward.
  • Subscription Payments: Embrace the simplicity of subscription payments seamlessly supported by Geelus Pay. Automate recurring transactions for a hassle-free experience.
  • Appointments and Pickup/Delivery Integration: Geelus Pay now extends its support to appointments and pickup/delivery services. Easily manage payments for these crucial business aspects, ensuring a smooth and unified experience.
  • Marking Multiple Transactions Paid: Processing multiple transactions, such as racking, is now simplified with Geelus Pay. Mark them as paid, especially when you’ve already saved your customer’s card details.

Geelus Pay, where every feature is designed to make your transactions smoother, your business more efficient, and your customers happier. Upgrade your payment experience today!

Unlock the power of Bundles!

Now, you have the flexibility to combine multiple services or products into one irresistible package. Imagine offering a deal like getting 5 pants dry cleaned or shortened for the price of 4. Easily add the items, apply a 20% discount to each, or choose to offer the 5th one entirely free by adding 4 at full price.

The possibilities are endless! Elevate your offerings and provide your customers with customized, value-packed bundles that suit their needs and exceed their expectations. The sky is truly the limit!

Ensure that customers never leave a garment behind with Geelus’s new feature!

Introducing the “Uncollected Items” pinned field for customers. Now, when a customer visits your store for a new transaction, Geelus will promptly highlight any previously uncollected items, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience. Stay organized and prioritize customer satisfaction by making sure they collect all their garments during their visit.

Enhance your customization options with the latest update – now featuring the ability to remove currency symbols from all templates!

Simply uncheck the “Add currency sign for prices” checkbox under template settings, and you’ll have the freedom to manually input any symbol or character(s) of your choice. This flexibility is particularly crucial for integrations, allowing you to use generated numbers seamlessly in third-party applications via HTTP requests.

Empower your templates with the versatility you need for a more tailored and integrated experience.

New and improved user interface for editing templates

Explore our newly enhanced template editing interface! It’s now more user-friendly and designed to effortlessly adapt to both desktop and mobile platforms. Enjoy a seamless editing experience across all devices.